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Abby Stuart

Managing Director
 “Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself.’ No truer words said by Coco Channel that is the epitome of our authentic Abby.
Clients describe Abby as knowledgeable, passionate about the industry, and real.  It’s not surprising as Abby holds qualifications in Beauty Therapy, Advanced Science Aesthetics and pre and post-operative care along with Laser Safety and IPL.  Abby keeps up to date with all treatment and product advancements from around the world to deliver proven solution-based program for clients.
Since commencing her career in beauty some 12 years ago, Abby has inspired those around her; both clients and the team. Oi Cosmetic Studio® is a vessel for Abby to help those who want to be the best version of themselves and for her team to aspire to be the best they can be.
She does this having achieved a diploma in training and assessment and can provide a myriad of experiences and cutting-edge training in the field of their expertise – Dermal Therapy.  Abby thrives of the challenge of turning beauty therapists into dermal/skin specialists.
As Managing Director of this award winning, thriving business, Abby lives and breathes the business in both its celebrations and its challenges. However, it’s always family first being a mum of three beautiful children and supportive husband.  Somehow Abby has found the balance between family and business.
She hopes to take her family to Africa one day and experience a safari but in the meantime, she is happy to spend time with her family, friends, and doing social team sports.

Jodi Withers

Studio Supervisor/Skin Specialist
No pain. No gain
No other phrase could sum Jodi up better.  From her own personal journey, to the treatment rooms, Jodi can offer her clients a unique perspective on transformations and self-awareness. When in the treatment rooms Jodi is not only dermal therapist, but motivational coach and a sounding board for clients to download.  It is through this that Jodi is hoping to supplement her numerous certificates in dermal therapies  including Plasma, IPL, laser and dermal aesthetics, with a counseling diploma.
Jodi is described by her clients as both passionate and knowledgeable in the realm of dermal therapies, and she also knows when to push the boundaries for her clients to achieve the results they never thought possible. It is this alone that drives her in this industry; Seeing her client transformations not only outwardly, but in confidence and self-esteem.
Understanding the client, the skin and Jodi’s natural talents has seen Jodie recognised as one of Australia’s finest in the industry by the ABIA.  It is without a doubt that she will maintain this status through continuous learnings driven by her natural curiosity.
Jodi hopes motherhood, travel and business ownership is on the cards.

Leah Knight

Skin Specialist
Leah brings an extra element of healthy skin to her clients.  She has a passion for nutrition as well as skin and loves connecting these together in achieving optimal results for her clients.
Clients of Oi Cosmetic Studio ® describe Leah as being persistent and tenacious.  Set Leah a challenge and she’s in the front of the queue. Its not surprising given Leah’s idea of relaxation is to hit the gym.
Being a mum of four, she finds balance between living a healthy lifestyle and family time.  She is hungry for information and enjoys watching documentaries, listening to Podcasts and has an extremely bad weakness for chocolate especially Ferrero Rochers.
Leah has obtained qualifications in IPL, Laser, Advanced Skin Certification, Plasma training.  She is completely Oi Cosmetic Studio ® certified.
It is her hope that she will never look her age, but in the long term aims to have her own business focusing on all aspects of health specifically for women.  Having three daughters, she hopes to leave a legacy for them but in the meantime, she longs to take her family to Disneyland and to hit the ‘off the beaten track’ in a caravan and explore this spectacular country we live in.

Ellie Hawkins

Skin Specialist
One word to describe Ellie is EPISTEMIC meaning knowledge
If you are ever in the fortunate position to have Ellie do a treatment or treatment plan on you, you will come out with a whole new perspective on beauty or more precisely, dermal therapy… and quite possibly laughing all the while as she entertains you with her sense of humour.
Ellie has an innate ability to assess the skin, address the disorders and advise accordingly from knowledge-based platform.  She is driven by the science of beauty and the changes it can make for her clients.
Her knowledge comes from years of training and study where she has attained qualifications in IPL, Skin Specialist and Plasma technician certified.  She is also completely Oi Cosmetic Studio ® certified.
Just recently Ellie tied the knot and her together adventure extends to a 200km trek across the Annapurna in Nepal.  Clearly this shows Ellie loves a challenge and does not believe in a quick fix which translates into her work.
Ellie is saving hard to purchase her first home and hopes to have happy healthy family in the years to come.

Maddi Ganis

Skin Specialist – Ois’ Rising Star
Never has Oi Cosmetic Studio had a team member join the Oi Family and just slip into the role like a hand in a glove. Maddi brings with her a wealth of experience, passion, kindness, and a huge welcoming smile.
Oi and Maddi have a mutual passion in skin health, education, and the education of clients.  It was this synergy that made the decision easy for Maddi to join the team.
Maddi holds a Diploma of Beauty Therapy from The French Beauty Academy, and a Graduate Diploma in Dermal Science.
We asked Maddi what inspires her, and she was quick to answer, ‘THE CLIENTS’.  Being able to instil confidence within clients, not only in skin health with result driven treatments but also holistically to ensure confidence comes from within. As such clients
Maddi unashamedly is striving to be the top of her field in Australia.  A goal we wholeheartedly support and will be alongside her all the way at Oi Cosmetic Studio.   We know she will achieve this with her nurturing nature, authentic approach, and hunger to keep learning.
Work life balance is important to Maddi and she enjoys Surf Life Saving, reading, and going to the beach.  He ultimate dream is to get married in Greece to her partner of many years – Campbell.





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