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Oi Team

Abby Stuart

Managing Director
Oi Cosmetic Studio’s success starts and ends with its people and its clients. I shared the dilemma of doing things differently in a very tough market and worked out the detail of the membership option with extensive knowledge as an experienced and qualified Skin Aesthetician.
Having experience in the industry it has been a priority for OI, not to try to be all things to all people but focus on results driven treatments that would ensure repeat business, word of mouth client base and attraction of like-minded employees. I work closely with all the staff to make sure our vision is shared and we have the best results possible at affordable prices.
I have many aspirations for the future to grow Oi without compromising the brand and service excellence that is valued above all else.
I live my dream everyday doing what I love and creating opportunities for others along the way. I hope to give back to the industry extensively and be a leader in my chosen field.

Jodi Withers

Studio Supervisor/Skin Specialist
I have been in the industry for 5 years now and I love it. I hold a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and have advanced certificates in all treatments including Skin Needling and my Laser Safety and IPL certificate. I am passionate about the skin and I am so driven to help people achieve real results and correct their skin concerns, but most importantly to educate. I love working for Oi as the company treats the staff and clients like a little family. I have won Therapist of the Year in  2017 and was a top 4 finalist for Therapist of the Year in 2016. I am bubbly and outgoing and I love meeting new people and helping them on their skin journey.

Irina Mehanikova

Cosmetic Injector/Registered Nurse/Skin Specialist
I am a passionate Registered Nurse who has completed a Bachelor of Nursing Science specialising in Cosmetic Rejuvenation, Paramedical Skin Treatments and Skincare. I have been working at Oi for over 4 years and I have built a strong clientele and achieved some amazing results over this time. I use a holistic approach to facial assessment on my clients. I pride myself on my attention to detail and I am dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Leah Knight

Skin Specialist
I have been in the beauty industry for nearly 5 years and I have 2 years of Salon Management experience.
My qualifications include a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and further advanced studies into Dermal Therapy including my IPL and Laser Safety qualification. I’ve always been interested in Beauty and started as an Apprentice Hair dresser in Melbourne at 17 years old but I then went on to have a family. Skin became my biggest passion as I got older and seen the physical changes in myself that I wanted to correct. Becoming a team member at Oi has made me more passionate about skin I love helping to educate my clients on the importance of healthy skin and the link between a healthy lifestyle and proper skincare. The education, knowledge and results we bring to our clients really speaks for itself. I love seeing the physical changes not only on their skin but also the self-confidence it brings and them being confident in their skin.

Ellie Hawkins

Skin Specialist
I am a Skin Specialist who has loved every minute of her experience in the Beauty industry. I currently hold my Diploma in Beauty Therapy, and other certified qualifications such as my Laser Safety Certificate and Dermapen.
I have always had a passion for skin and started looking after my own at a young age. I love that the beauty industry is full of opportunity, with new advancements in industry knowledge and technology always on the rise. I am a big believer in education being the strongest weapon, and love to pass on my knowledge to clients so that they see the best possible results in their skin journey. I am not afraid of a challenge, as I believe with challenges, comes growth and learning. I am always looking to better myself personally and professionally, and seeing the transformations in a client’s skin is so rewarding. I have been on my own skin journey, and I believe everyone else has their own personal skin journey too, so I love to help my clients reach those skin goals. The team at Oi always make for a professional, yet fun environment, and I always look forward to going to work with them every day.

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