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Lets Talk Pores!!!

Lets Talk Pores!!!

A number of things can cause dilated pores.

A build-up of oil and dirt in the skin can contribute to making pores appear enlarged as they become blocked and the skin around the pores dilates. People with naturally oilier skin may be more likely to have larger pores because their oil glands are more active, meaning they need a bigger pore to release oil from within the skin. If this sounds familiar, a thorough cleansing routine can have a big impact on the appearance of pores and reduction of blackheads/breakouts.

Aging can also have an impact on pore size. As collagen begins to break down, a lack of elasticity and tautness is created causing the pores to dilate.

Enlarged pores are largely determined by genetics, we can never physically shrink them, but we can effectively minimize their appearance by keeping them clean and free from build-up of dirt and dead skin cells. Treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Skin needling and some lasers can have a visible effect on pores.

We always advise against popping spots yourself for risk of scarring and infection. Let our team of professionals assess and come up with a plan to help your skin.


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