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Why Your Skincare Might Be Making Your Skin Worse!!!

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Why Your Skincare Might Be Making Your Skin Worse!!!

The Truth About Skincare – You’ve Been Lied To!

You stand in front of the bathroom mirror each morning studying your face. Suddenly, you spot it – a new line making an appearance on your forehead. You wiggle your eyebrows up and down, and then make a frowning face to see which expression has given you this new line. You then look at the skincare products you have lined up on the counter that claim to be anti-ageing, and wonder: “Why am I using these products, yet looking older and more tired by the day?” Well the answer is simple…


A ridiculous amount of money is spent in Australia each year on skincare products that are quite simply ineffective. An even more ridiculous amount of money has been spent each year by giant global cosmetic companies to hire perhaps not the youngest, or most gorgeous – but rather the most relatable or trending celebrity faces to tell you why that particular range of skincare will automatically make you look ten years younger, feel rejuvenated, feel hydrated, hell – make you feel like a goddess! After all, if it’s good enough for Jennifer Anniston who must of course use it all the time (not because she is paid to market it), then we should be so blessed to have this product from the heavens grace our poor deprived skins, right? WRONG.

You don’t go to the chemist when you are unwell and tell the pharmacist what medication you need, do you? Instead, you take yourself to the doctor, maybe have some tests done, and let the professional examine you so that you can find out WHY you aren’t feeling so great. The doctor then writes you a personalized prescription for medication that will make you well again.

If you are having issues with your skin, why would you self-prescribe a product? Why would you go to the pharmacy or supermarket and buy an attractively packaged bottle when you don’t actually know what those long-worded ingredients on the back of the bottle are? Sure, the bottle says: “Clears acne in just 10 washes”, and a young clear faced model is the face of their company. The thing is – If you go to the doctor for a prescription in order to heal your ailments; why would you not go to a skin professional to heal and correct your skin?

There are two types of skincare on the market: Cosmetic and Cosmeceutical.

To break it down, your cosmetic products are generally found in a pharmacy or your local supermarket. They contain low quality ingredients, and often contain parabens, fake fragrances and other nasty chemicals that are being absorbed by your poor skin. These ingredients can have a harmful effect and can even cause you to age faster! These products may claim “Now With Hyaluronic Acid” or some other popularly referenced active ingredient; however checking the ingredient label will often reveal that the percentage of concentration is actually so small that it will not have any effect on the skin AT ALL!

But surely, that can’t be the case! The tv advertisement for my $30 night cream states that “80% of women noticed a 50% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after using this product”, or something along those lines. Again, You have been lied to. These claims do not come from scientific studies. Scientific studies are controlled experiments conducted by real scientists (not giant cosmetic companies) with many complex rules and strict standards in order to determine whether the result is positive or negative WITHOUT Bias. More often than not, when you actually look into those ads, you will find that the number of test subjects was too low of a number to be reliable (for example: 20 women). You might even notice the fine print state: “based on consumer perception only”.

But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes! There is hope for our ageing/acne/pigmented/sensitive skins with cosmeceutical products, and yes, the grass is much greener over here. The real, honest truth is…

…Only cosmeceutical skincare can give you those results. Anything else and you are throwing your money into the trash can.

Unlike cosmetic products; cosmeceutical skincare gives real results. Results you maybe didn’t even think possible. Cosmeceutical products contain actives which are ingredients that are well researched and will make changes to your skin on a cellular level. For a product to work, it needs to be able to penetrate the Epidermis. In order for that to happen, the product’s formulation needs to be structured into an effective delivery system with molecules small enough to travel into the deeper layers of the skin instead of just sitting on the surface. Cosmeceutical products contain high quality ingredients. These high quality, concentrated ingredients, along with the clinical studies, and science that goes into producing these products all cost money. This is why it is just not possible to find a cosmeceutical cleanser for $15. In fact, most cosmeceutical ranges often have very plain packaging as the costs of production go into the actual product formulation itself.

Cosmeceutical skincare ranges can often be found in a skin clinic where lovely skin specialists are waiting to examine your skin and listen to how you have been red and irritated for the last 5 years. Yes! We love it! And we are so excited to see you, because skin is our passion and we want you to feel beautiful in your own skin. We love to examine every new face that walks through our doors. We love to get real with you in a private one-on-one consultation about your skin and discuss your skin concerns. We love showing you case studies of client’s skin transformations. We thrive on building treatment plans to complement and completely change your skin. We love sharing our own personal skin journey with you. We love results, and our clients do too!

Come and see us in person for a skin consultation and discover the amazing things a Cosmeceutcial Range can do for you!