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Dairy vs Skin

Dairy vs Skin

Have you ever wondered how dairy affects our bodies? Why we sometimes feel bloated after eating cheese or having a coffee? Or why our skin starts to break out? Below I have added in my own personal experience, and why I have chosen to eliminate all dairy from my everyday life. I hope this can help anyone who is/was in the same position I was in about eliminating dairy.


Ever since I was a kid I was constantly being told “In order to have strong bones you need to have a glass of milk a day”

Living by this theory dairy played a huge part in my life.

As most of us can relate, I was never one to say no to a sneaky wine and cheese platter, thinking I was doing the right thing for my body by consuming dairy, I started neglecting my body for many years, I stopped listening to my body when it was trying to reject all the dairy I was consuming. Instead if listening I pushed my body to its ultimate Limits , knowing how sick and uncomfortable it was making me feel in the end, I would still proceed to include it in my everyday life- as I did not want to believe that dairy was the reason I was constantly uncomfortable, and affecting not only my body’s health, but my skins health also.

Everyone reacts to dairy differently, with myself my skin started hating me, Breaking out a over my forehead and my chin at one stage, causing excruciating pain when I would even come close to touching my skin, this made cleansing my skin a drama. Also being a skin specialist it was not a good look for me.

I could never truly understand what was causing my stomach pains and my drastic skin changes, until one day I decided to slowly eliminate dairy from my life, it was a hard road as I lived for a good coffee and a sneaky cheese toastie! It has been exactly one month since I have cut all dairy and my skin and body are loving me! With no more uncomfortable stomach pains, I am no longer bloated, no longer pained. My skin gets the occasional breakout here and there but not to the extreme it had been getting to!