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Do you have these two steps covered?

Do you have these two steps covered?

Every day we look in the Mirror and what we do NOW will reflect how we look in the future!

With so many promises and products out there it can be very confusing to decide the best outcomes for long term skin health.

Two simple steps to see if your skin care range and beauty therapist are the best for you’re FUTURE:

1. Is the person you’re getting advice from a trained professional with the highest qualifications in the Beauty Industry? or just a sales person trained by a company to sell products. Would you let your car be fixed or serviced by a mechanic or a sales person?

2. Is your product a cosmeceutical product? Cosmeceutical products have extremely high active ingredients, while over the counter products, pyramid schemes and products that can be brought over the internet have low activity and watered down ingredients. This reduces the risks of complications and possible legal action because of poor advice or no advice when applying products.

We at Oi Cosmetic Studio covers both these steps. Not only do we provide our clients with highly qualified and trusted staff but also one of the best cosmeceutical product ranges on the market!!

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