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My Journey

My Journey

As everyone is aware I underwent weigh loss surgery is April 2017 to finely be the best healthy confident version of me. I think this is a subject that everyone struggles with through their lifetime.

I wanted to share my journey, it’s never been hidden and I don’t regret making the decision to change my life and doing what I had to do to make that happen – 60 kgs lighter and I’m feeling fantastic.

Being overweight imperils your health in many ways. Besides the elevated risks for heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer, excess weight can also affect the health and appearance of your skin. Just like the sun, the environment, hormones, diet, lifestyle etc – weight is also a huge part in the role of how our skin functions on a day to day basis. Not only the health on the inside but also the health on the outside.

My skin always had excess oil, lots of congestion, acne and hyper reactive. This was always managed with treatments and amazing skin care but it was never the best it could be. Deep down I always knew I needed to be a better version of me and not preach to the choir every day in my job. I knew it was my diet (Sugar and dairy) and also my lifestyle (hardly any exercise or good minerals and vitamins.)

The new lighter version of me is happy to report that my diet has completely changed; I eat a balanced diet of fruit, veggies and meat. I supplement the body from the inside as well. This is so important! It was a journey of learning, researching and trial and error of things that agree with me and things that don’t.

A combination of home care on the outside (Ultraderm) and good nutrition and vitamins for the inside (bestow beauty, Multivitamins, supplements) my skin has come a long way. I don’t have the droopy skin on my face or neck due to the products I have been using. My congestion and oil has gone down as I don’t have essential fatty acid deficiencies (good Fats) and I’m no longer hyper sensitive as my body isn’t in fight mode anymore.

It is important to remember that yes treatments and homecare can help with concerns and change the functions of your skin, but they cannot change your health, lifestyle or the way you treat the inside.

Make yourself number 1 in 2018 and look after the WHOLE of you x

*I am basing this on my own personal experience and journey; I am not a qualified nutritionist or doctor.

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