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Party Season


Party Season

PARTY season is literally upon us, but with that comes the hot weather, long nights, windswept hair and dull skin (thumbs down)
Well beauties, fear not – Here are 4 simple steps to party proof skin:

1. SKIN ROUTINE -Wash your face! – We all know we can come how a bit party happy and go straight to bed, Or from a day at the beach with the family and you’re exhausted and simply forget your skincare routine for the evening. But at least wash your face and follow on with your skin care routine. Removes not only make up but also dirt and bacteria from the day.

2. HYDRATION -Swap the alcohol for a glass of water once in a while – hard we know! Little things like drinking plenty of water (1.5 – 2 Litres a day) to keep your skin hydrated and healthy looking are very important. It also encourages the build-up of collagen in your skin that gives your skin a more plump and dewy looking glow.

3. SLEEP – you need to have some nights firmly blocked out for beauty sleep. Your skin repairs and regenerates when you are in deep sleep, so if you do back-to-back party nights it simply doesn’t have any time to make itself beautiful again.

4. SUGAR – Sugar causes inflammation in the body which promotes glycation of your collagen fibres (i.e. it stops them being supple), which leads to wrinkles and loss of firmness in the skin. If that’s not enough for you to step up your will power, sugar causes havoc with your insulin levels, which has a direct impact on your hormones and when your hormones are imbalanced you could be subjected to an acne breakout or a sensitivity flare up, and rashy, blotchy skin is not on anyone’s Christmas list, ever.

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