Sarah Jayne - Cosmetic Tattoo Technician

My name is Sarah Jayne, I am a fully qualified and experienced Cosmetic Tattoo technician and I'm proud to be joining Oi Cosmetic Studio. 

My passion is in my work and I have a love for recreating or enhancing your natural beauty. There are so many reasons for women to explore cosmetic tattooing, weather it be your tired of having to do your makeup everyday and just don't have the time or you may have poor eyesight. Maybe your wanting to create a more defined and enhanced lip or recreate your perfect eyebrow shape. Well I can help you achieve that and together we can give you the style and confidence with cosmetic tattoo. Wouldn't you love to just wake up in the morning and 'Gloss and go'?

I offer a free consult for those of you who would like to come see me and discuss the procedure, discomfort relief, style, shape and colour choice to match and enhance your natural skin tone. I look forward to meeting with you.

Upper eyeliner $395

Lower eyeliner $350

Upper lash enhancement $395

Lower lash enhancement $350

Brow shading $395

Feather touch brows $495

Lip line $395

Lip blend $495

Full lip $695


Happy customers have their say...

"Sarah Jayne

My eyebrows actually look like they should now, I will never touch them again I love them!

And my lips are amazing, I would tell everyone to get cosmetic tattoo done. Its great waking up and 

looking made up with out having to do anything. Thank sarah



"Wow Sarah Jayne I can't even begin to tell you how good it is to have an even lip line and colour. Thank you so much you love your work!" Kerry


"Sarah I just love my new Brows. Should have done them along time ago I love the colour... you are magic... you won't understand the difference you have made to me!" Brenda